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You are a member of the Midwest Avengers, a new superhero team operating out of Chicago with the mandate to protect the vast American Midwest from supervillain threats. While most of the area has traditionally been peaceful, it is the hope of the core Avengers that having a local superhero team will be a deterrent for any such threats arising, as well as acting to defend people from the ones that already exist.

The year is 1984, and the team has only been operating since last summer. In only a few months, the roster has swollen from a mere five to nearly a dozen as new heroes have been recruited. Only a few of those are full-time Avengers, however, so the team has a constantly-rotating membership. Dr. Lorentz Lang, aka G-Force, served as the first Midwest Avengers chairman, but recently stepped down due to personal issues, being replaced by Deadly Nightshade.

For more information about the adventures of the mighty Midwest Avengers, see below!

Main Page

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