White Queen

An alien noblewoman with control over ice


Queen Vandana of Frostopia is a statuesque woman with white hair and an imperious demeanor. She is lithe and toned, as well as strikingly tall. Her blue eyes seem cold and distant to most humans, and she gives off an air that lets those she meets know exactly what she thinks of them—which is usually that they are beneath her.

As the White Queen, Vandana’s costume is a variation on the traditional noblewoman’s outfit of her homeworld: a skintight blue-and-white affair that bares her midriff, adorned with a gauzy cape. She wears her white hair in a long braid, bound back by a diamond-encrusted tiara. When dressed in civilian clothes, she leans toward the expensive and fashionable, especially blue silks and white furs.

Vandana’s powers include flight, control and projection of cold and ice, immunity to freezing temperatures, and the command of a host of robotic minions she calls “Pawns.”


Vandana is a member of the noble family of Frostopia, the mighty nation that covers the night side of her tide-locked homeworld, Zatrikion. Long ago, the Frostopians were locked in eternal war with their day side neighbors, the nation of Thermopylea.

The war drained so many resources that eventually the two sides were forced to find a less violent solution to their problems. Aggression and competition were part of the Zatrikion way, however; the solution they found was not peaceful coexistence, but rather a regimented and highly ritualized conflict between a limited number of foes. This battle was held once a generation to determine which side would hold dominance until the next contest.

The most recent dominion war was chosen to be held on Earth, a distant planet noted for its high concentration of empowered individuals. Each of the contestants was given a personal retinue and an honor guard, and then were sent to Earth to settle their fight. Vandana has quickly (if occasionally uncomfortably) settled into the role of superhero under her formal title: The White Queen. She currently serves with the Midwest Avengers as a member of the team, though she has frequent personality clashes with them because of her imperious and often cold demeanor.

White Queen

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