Walker In Dreams

A Native American dream shaman


A youthful man of mixed race, Walker is usually in either his costume or a “Canadian tuxedo” while in public. His costume looks like traditional Native American shaman’s garb, including a feathered headdress. Since absorbing the power of the Evil Eye of Avalon when passing through the Siege Perilous, his body turns silver-white and his outfit is limned in silver fire whenever he uses his powers.

Walker is an Alpha class mutant with highly advanced powers of telepathy and telekinesis, as well as incredible mental fortitude and the ability to heal the minds of others. He can enter others’ dreams more easily than their waking minds, but he can sense life and thoughts at great distance with little effort. He can also create psychic constructs that do his bidding; these constructs resemble Native American spirit animals. While Walker’s spirit animals were once invisible to anyone without psychic powers, they have become visible and more powerful still since he gained his cosmic abilities.


James Redsands grew up on a Navajo reservation listening to his aged grandfather telling stories about Coyote, the White Buffalo, and other Native American legends. When the time came for his grandfather to pass on his true wisdom, he took James into the desert to initiate him as the next shaman of the tribe. During his vision quest, James awoke his mutant powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and dream-walking.

Believing that he could be a bridge between two worlds—white and red, past and future, mutant and human—James left the reservation to join the newly formed Midwest Avengers. Since joining them, he has seen many wonders and many terrors, but he is still dedicated to the cause of equality for all peoples.

Walker In Dreams

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