Rom Spaceknight

A mysterious robotic hero from outer space


Rom appears to be a boxy suit of armor with glowing red eyes. Few learn that the armor is Rom’s actual body—he is a robot, not a man wearing a suit of armor. The metal composing his form is unknown on Earth. He speaks in a surprisingly mellow and friendly voice, a synthesized version of the one he possessed when he was still flesh and blood.


Little is known of Rom other than his title, Spaceknight, and that he is from an alien world called Galador. Rom claims that his race was at war with a group of deadly alien shapechangers called Dire Wraiths before almost wiping them out generations ago. Rom has pursued some of the last Dire Wraiths to Earth to wipe them out before they can settle in and turn the world into a new base of operations. Rom’s people have apparently encountered Cybertronians at some point in the past.

Rom has armor made of an almost impenetrable alien metal and wields a powerful energy weapon he calls the Neutralizer. His cybernetic body has enhanced senses, including the ability to sense cosmic energy signatures.

Rom Spaceknight

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