A mutant with the power of negation


A nondescript man of average height, Render is the sort of person you would forget a minute after meeting him. Even in costume, he’s not particularly imposing—but underestimating him goes a long way toward making him effective.

Render possesses the amazing mutant power to negate others’ strengths. Not just their superhuman powers, but actually their talents, skills, finances, and any other sort of advantage they possess. He has an uncanny sense for the right place to put pressure in order to bring the mighty low, and his mutant ability to shut down the advantages of the exceptional can bring virtually anyone down off their pedestal.


Render is known to have attended the Xavier School for a time, but he left under poor circumstances that he prefers not to talk about. Indeed, Render hardly ever talks about himself at all, and not even his teammates know his real name. He is currently in a probationary period for membership on the Avengers, but they’re willing to give him the opportunity he desires.


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