One-Eyed Jack

A man whose luck never runs out


Jack is a tall blonde man, clean-shaven and prone to wearing light linen business suits. He wears an eyepatch over his missing eye; the patch is decorated with a stylized poker diamond. As One-Eyed Jack, he keeps the patch but hides his lower face with a garish green-and-purple bandana and replaces the business suit with the garb of a Tarot-deck Fool.

One-Eyed Jack’s powers include high-level luck manipulation, particularly for himself. Sometimes called “the luckiest man alive,” Jack can rely on sheer luck to get him through nearly any problem. Unfortunate “accidents” befall those that threaten him, and enemies frequently take one another out in their fervor to get to him.


Jack Taylor was a professional gambler living the high life in Las Vegas until he cleaned out a mob-owned casino. The casino’s owner had a little “discussion” with Jack that involved dragging him out to the Mojave Desert, beating him almost to death, gouging out his right eye, and tossing him into a half-dug grave fifty miles from civilization. As he lay there dying, Jack had a vision of a skeletal woman dressed in black coming to claim his life. Jack did the only thing he could think to do: he challenged her to a game of chance, with his soul as the stakes. He won back his life, and in doing so became a nexus for the universal forces of luck and chance.

After walking out of the Mojave Desert in the middle of a freak rainstorm, Jack became the scourge of the Las Vegas underworld. He would roll into a casino, bankrupt them, and slip out before the goons could figure out how their guns had gotten jammed or their shoelaces tied together. When things got too heated out West, he cruised toward Chicago and got involved with fighting the long-entrenched Mafia families in the heart of their power. The Vision offered him a chance to do so as part of a team, though joining the Avengers is a decision he’s still not entirely comfortable with.

One-Eyed Jack

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