Mother Dark

High priestess of an eldritch cult


Small, petite, and dark-haired, the woman called Mother Dark has a sinister sort of beauty, though few of her victims truly appreciate it before they meet their ends at her hand. Beneath her dark eyes and pale skin lies the black heart of a serial killer, wrapped in a soul that can barely be considered human anymore.

Mother Dark has immense magical powers, almost all of which involve human sacrifice and the summoning of monstrous beings into reality as her servants. The “many-angled ones” are her most common servitors, horrible beings that only partly exist in normal reality. She also commands the loyalty of the Cult of Uggthultu, a group of mentally-unbalanced individuals that have been “touched” by the sleeping mind of the Old One.

Mother Dark’s usual outfit is a black ceremonial robe with a hood. She sometimes complements this outfit with a terrifying featureless mask, but often goes bare-faced. She wears heavy bracelets and a heavy engraved torc, all of which seem to be enchanted with eldritch symbols.


Mother Dark’s true identity is unknown, but she is clearly mad.

Mother Dark

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