A creation of AIM and its sometime master


MODOK is a grotesque abomination once described by Thor as being “like a frost giant’s head on an infant’s body.” The blasphemous creation of science truly seems to be an enormous, monstrous head with tiny limbs, seated upon a hovering tech-chair. MODOK relies primarily on his vast intellect and formidable mental powers in battle, being physically quite pathetic.


Scientists at Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) created MODOK to analyze and probe the cosmic cube and to improve the organization’s productivity in its scientific endeavors, while still being subservient to the higher echelons of the organization. To that end they mutagenically altered one of their technicians of average intelligence, George Tarleton, into the super intelligent being, MODOC (Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing). These scientists unwisely did not take into consideration the theory that superior ability naturally leads to superior ambition.

It did not take long for MODOC to turn on his former masters and overthrow AIM. He adopted the new acronym for his title: MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) at this time as he was more of a ruthless killer than a bean counter in his own estimation. MODOK and AIM frequently came into conflict with the Avengers and many other superheroes.

AIM was not happy with MODOK’s megalomaniacal and short-sighted leadership and he has frequently been ousted only to return to power again. MODOK is so focused on his personal grudge with various superheroes that he has often ignored the scientific aspect of the organization and allowed it to become stagnant.

MODOK is a powerful machine intelligence, far faster at computing than any normal being, though his arrogance and psychopathy often lead him to ignore logical conclusions in favor of preferable ones. He possesses incredible mental powers, including intrusive telepathy and lethal psychic blasts. His technological array also gives him a potent forcefield and the ability to fly (without which he would be virtually unable to move because of his massive head and withered limbs).


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