A transforming robot from another world


Standing almost nine feet tall in his humanoid form, Lowrider appears like a conglomeration of robotic and vehicular parts shaped into a person. More striking is his ability to near-instantly transform into an exact replica of a Harley Davidson FL touring bike. In his vehicle form, Lowrider is virtually indistinguishable from a normal vehicle—unless he chooses to go out and about without a rider.

In either of his shapes, Lowrider can project an image diffusion field that makes him partially invisible, as well as holding a low-grade energy weapon called a corrosive laser. As a scout-class Cybertronian, he is not a physical powerhouse but rather a skilled infiltrator and long range explorer.


Lowrider is from a distant world called Cybertron. Once a member of a ruling political faction known as Decepticons, Lowrider was part of an expeditionary force dispatched to hunt down their ancient enemies, the Autobots. He was part of a skeleton crew left aboard the Decepticon ship, the Nemesis, when the rest of his allies went aboard the Autobot vessel to confront them—and it crashed.

That was almost four million years ago.

In that time, Lowrider has had plenty of opportunities to rethink his life and choices. Finally, he decided to abandon his post—after all, it’s not like the rest of them are ever coming back at this point—and travel to Earth. Once there, he engaged in a few misunderstandings with the local populace before being approached by a team of superhumans. Lowrider has chosen to join this group in order to better understand his new world.


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