An armored action scientist


Dr. Lorentz Lang is a mild-mannered looking scientist. His mousy brown hair and watery blue eyes inspire no confidence and attract few women. He is quiet and nervous around people in general—until he steps into his G-Force armor, when he becomes a confident, bold leader. Outside the armor, Lorentz prefers short-sleeved button-up shirts with clip-on ties and dark slacks. He rarely wears a jacket but often wears a pocket protector.

The G-Force armor is Lorentz’s brainchild. Filled to the brim with gravitic energy manipulators, the armor can fly, generate powerful blasts, protect itself with a gravity-bending force field, and manipulate objects at a distance. If only the damned thing weren’t so prone to malfunctioning…


Lorentz Lang is the greatest unknown scientific mind in the modern world. He attended college with Henry Pym, exchanged scientific letters with Reed Richards, and drank with Tony Stark—all of which gained him nothing when his first attempt at building a corporate think-tank failed completely due to his lack of business acumen and people skills. While battling a deep depression, Dr. Lang moved into his deceased father’s house and converted the garage into a crude laboratory. Rather than succumb to his despair, he threw himself into his work on theoretical energy models and night school for business administration.

After five years of scrounging parts and living off his savings, Dr. Lang finally had a breakthrough on gravity manipulation technology. The recent revelation of Iron Man as Tony Stark and Henry Pym as Giant-Man filled Dr. Lang with jealousy for their wealth and fame. Rather than become a villain, however, he fell back on his strong moral center to become a costumed hero. As G-Force, Dr. Lang has protected the Chicago area for much of the last year, making him a natural choice to lead the newly-formed Midwest Avengers. Still, Dr. Lang has some personal problems—not the least of which is his burning desire to show up all the people who “slighted” him.


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