Doctor Strange

Master of the mystic arts and Sorcerer Supreme


Dr. Stephen Strange is a tall, lean man with black hair turning white at the temples. His grey eyes are often half-lidded in deep thought, and his voice often makes him sound as though he is speaking to a patient from their bedside. He is rarely seen without the blue and red regalia of his office as Sorcerer Supreme, and he bears many mystic talismans, including the Eye of Agamotto.


Stephen Strange was a talented but selfish surgeon before a horrific car accident destroyed his fine motor control and left him despondent. Strange set out on a world journey to find meaning without his medical career and instead found his way to the Ancient One, a powerful mystic who took the materialistic man under his wing and fostered his better nature. A changed Stephen Strange returned to America as a master of the mystic arts, eventually taking up the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange has occasional interactions with most of the world’s heroes, crossing their paths on the way to his own adventures, but he rarely joins them for very long. Few groups have the mystic potential necessary to accompany the Sorcerer Supreme into the odd realms he travels in on a regular basis, and Strange himself prefers to work alone.

Dr. Strange is the world’s most powerful light magician, with incredible sorcerous power and the possession of many magical artifacts. He prefers to wield his powers only against dangerous magical foes, believing that temporal and physical threats are the province of non-mystical heroes.

Doctor Strange

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