Deadly Nightshade

Beautiful but dangerous


Lia Yancy is a pretty half-Asian girl with long brown hair and striking violet eyes. Her preferred casual dress is a leather jacket over the latest urban chic—usually off-the-shoulder T-shirts, leather pants or acid-washed jeans, and lots of chains. Lia’s costume as Deadly Nightshade is a purple bodysuit with thigh-high green boots, green gloves, and a deep purple domino mask, along with a dark green waist sash or silver crossed belts. In her costumed identity, Lia dyes her hair vibrant pink with her natural chemical secretions to further conceal herself.

As Deadly Nightshade, Lia’s powers include the ability to generate emotion-altering pheromones, turn her own bodily secretions into powerful poisons or acids, and natural bone spurs that she can extend into lethal weapons. Lia is constantly holding back from her real level of lethality in an effort to “play nice,” but her powers could make her an extremely deadly combatant.


Lia Yancy is a half-Hmong girl from the greater Chicago area. Her father fought in the Vietnam War, and her mother was a Hmong fighter helping the American forces against the Communists. From a young age, Lia showed the rebelliousness of both of her parents, and it was only a matter of time before she fell in with a bad crowd.

During one of her gang’s outings, she wound up being exposed to a chemical spill that made her very sick—but when she was well, she discovered that she had gained amazing powers! She swore off her former associates and decided to use her newfound powers to help people, which eventually led to her being asked to join the Midwest Avengers.

Deadly Nightshade

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