Damien Hellstrom

The Son of Satan, a half-infernal sorcerer attempting to use his powers for good


Damien Hellstrom is a muscular red-haired man with wild amber eyes and an air of menace about him, even when being perfectly civil. When he uses his hell-spawned powers, he is surrounded with an aura of fire and brimstone. His usual garb is elegant suits and comfortable upper-class leisure wear, but when required to dress “appropriately” for battle, he wears red leather pants and a red cape, going barechested to show the pentagram scar on his breast. In such times, he also bears a golden trident made of magical metal.


Damien Hellstrom’s mother was impregnated by a powerful demon claiming to be Satan himself, but he was raised ignorant of his heritage. Damien intended to become a priest until an inheritance letter lured him to a mansion full of occult artifacts and lore. Damien eventually became a sorcerer and occult investigator, using his infernal powers to thwart the machinations of the Nether Realms.

Damien has greater physical capabilities than an ordinary human due to his demonic heritage, but the majority of his power is in his magical abilities, which are almost as great as those of the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange. Hellstrom rarely dares to use his full power, however, as its use can expose him to demonic influence and corrupt his intentions. He also wields a magical trident that can amplify his powers, allowing him to channel his vast strength more finely or to inflict vast devastation.

Damien Hellstrom

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