In Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, XP is primarily used for temporary benefits rather than permanent character advances. One of major ways that players use XP is for “unlockables.” These benefits are usually one-use or one-adventure bonuses that are bought with XP and represent the character weaving his story more tightly with the campaign world.

In the Midwest Avengers campaign, the following Unlockables are always considered available, unless the GM specifically notes otherwise (usually at the beginning of an Event where the PCs are out of Chicago for an extended period of time).

Avengers Assemble! [5 XP]
For the rest of the current scene, all player characters present gain an asset equal to the Team die of the character giving the battle cry.

Thanks for the Assist [5 XP]
A member of the team not currently being played is brought into the adventure to help out as an NPC. For 5 XP, the hero aids the player characters for a single scene before returning to their own business.

Friends in Daley Plaza [5 XP]
You contact a minor government official that is on friendly terms with you. That official can either pass you some information (as per a government-related resource) or can take some heat off you for a little while (killing a negative story in the press, convincing the police to stop looking for you for a few days, and so on).

SHIELD Clearance [10 XP]
Not every Avenger is considered trustworthy enough to also have access to SHIELD. A character that purchases this unlockable has gained enough reputation with the government agency to have basic SHIELD clearance for the rest of the Event. Once per Act for the rest of the Event, the character can generate a Covert, Crime, or Combat resource during a transition scene without spending a plot point.

Recruitment Drive [10 XP]
A heroic character of the player’s choice is recruited into the Midwest chapter of the Avengers. This character is available as a player character from now on, as well as for backup and assistance as above.

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