A strangely divided member of the Zodiac Cartel


Gemini’s costume—an alternating black and white bodysuit—covers her so completely that only her gender is certain. Even her long red hair could be a wig, so it offers no clue to her true identity. All that is for sure is her allegiance to the Zodiac Cartel and her apparent loyalty to Aries personally. Gemini rarely speaks—but when she does, her voice reverberates slightly, as though two people were speaking simultaneously.

Gemini’s power is an unusual one. She can split herself into two distinct individuals, one white and one black, each capable of of projecting energy blasts of different sorts. The white Gemini can project concussive blasts of force, while the black Gemini can throw bolts of lightning. Gemini seems to be stronger and tougher as a single individual, but her energy blasts are replaced by a damaging touch attack.


Nothing is publicly known about Gemini beyond her powers and affiliation.


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