The leader of the Zodiac Cartel


Aries’ costume is a blue sleeveless unitard with red gloves, boots, and cape, with the astrological symbol for Mars on the chest, and wearing a golden ram’s-head helmet. This Aries is the second to bear the name, as the first was killed during an attempt to conquer the island of Manhattan. This Aries bears the powerful psionic artifact called the Zodiac Key, with which he has begun to covertly assemble a new villain gang. His long-term plans are unknown, but his few public appearances make it clear that they can’t be good for Chicago.


The previous Aries, Marcus Lassiter, was killed during an unsuccessful attempt to seize the island of Manhattan and hold it for ransom. Little is known about this Aries, except that his skin color indicates he is not Caucasian. He seems to be a good leader, though somewhat vicious and vindictive.


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