Leader of the Wrecking Crew


Dirk Garthwaite is a powerfully built man whose physique is only enhanced further by the powers he possesses. Standing well over six feet tall, Dirk is rarely seen out of his costume, a deep green tunic and pants, purple gloves, boots, and belt, and a purple mask leaving only his eyes and mouth uncovered. Whenever possible, he is never out in public without his enchanted crowbar, the source of his powers.


Given his godlike powers by the Norn Queen, former demolitions expert and laborer Dirk Garthwaite learned that his crowbar was similarly enchanted. He took on Thor several times before recruiting three other criminals and giving them a portion of his power. Whether alone, leading his Crew, or as part of the Masters of Evil, the Wrecker has fought and sometimes even beaten many of Earth’s mightiest heroes, including the Avengers.


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