Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

Former Nazi officer and leader of Hydra


Wolgang von Strucker is an elderly man, though he’s still in pretty good shape for being nearly a century old. His features are wizened and gaunt, and what hair he has remaining is wispy and white. His features are aristocratic and cruel; he looks every inch the Prussian nobleman that he is. Strucker is rarely seen in public without his Satan Claw, a technological marvel that gives him amazing strength and electrical attacks on top of his spore-enhanced metabolism.


Wolfgang von Strucker was a Nazi officer in World War II and one of the founders of Hydra. He has battled Captain America, Nick Fury, and even Spider-Man, but his primary foes have always been agents of SHIELD.

The Death Spore Virus that grants him his superhuman regenerative abilities also makes killing him a non-option—if Strucker ever dies, the spores will be released from his body, ending nearly all life on the planet.

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker

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