Former Hydra lieutenant and leader of the Serpent Society


Viper is a tall, lean woman with greenish-back hair and extensive burns and scars covering the right half of her face. She normally wears her hair long to cover her marred face and ruined eye. Without than her facial disfigurement, she might be considered quite beautiful. Her usual outfit is a green jumpsuit emblazoned with the Hydra symbol, crossed utility belts, knee-high green boots, elbow-length green gloves, and her trademark green lipstick—a lethal poison she uses on the unwary.

Viper is never without several weapons, including am energized whip, Hydra-issue blaster pistol, several conventional firearms, and concealed knives. What she lacks in super-powers, she makes up for in top-tier physical conditioning and a ruthless streak as long as her arm. Viper often uses experimental weaponry and technology, and her exposure to the mystical entity Cthon has given her a vastly extended lifespan.


Born Ophelia Sarkissian in war-torn Eastern Europe, the girl who would one day be called Viper had her face terribly scarred during one of the many wars in her homeland. She was taken in by Hydra as a young girl and raised in the organization’s ruthless, terroristic environment. She thrived as an assassin and agent of destruction. Known as “Madame Hydra” for a time, Ophelia rechristened herself “Viper” when she left the organization to lead her own group, the Serpent Society.

While Viper still has close ties to Hydra and even leads missions for them on occasion, she is a largely independent operative who sells her skills (and those of her minions) for profit. She is a frequent enemy of the Avengers, SHIELD, and even the X-Men.


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