An eldritch horror, sleeping but not dead


Squamous, non-euclidean, and cyclopean, to look upon the true shape of Uggthultu would be to embrace madness and flee screaming into a new dark age. Its power is world-shattering, and even in its semi-comatose state its psychic vibrations can induce insanity and grant terrible insights to the nature of reality.


Uggthultu is an ancient abomination sealed beneath Lake Michigan by the Potawatomi tribe in prehistoric times. The last true shaman of the Illini line sealed the horror beneath the waters, keeping it dreaming but not dead until the stars came right again, centuries or millennia hence. The Cult of Uggthultu believes that their dread master’s time is once again nigh, and they watch for signs to awaken him from his terrible slumber and deliver the final doom of the human race.

The current leader of the Cult of Uggthultu is a woman who calls herself Mother Dark, and the eldritch horror’s minions have infiltrated all levels of society in Chicago. While most of them are homeless or shut up in asylums, a few corporate executives and government officials are thought to be members of the cult in secret.


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