A member of the Wrecking Crew


An African-American man with close-cropped curly hair, Eliot Franklin is an anomaly in the Wrecking Crew in a number of ways. Better educated, more well-spoken, and less destructive than his companions, he nonetheless remains with them after years as a supervillain. Thunderball’s costume is a light green bodysuit highlighted by yellow mask, gloves, boots, and shorts. He is almost never seen without his signature weapon, a wrecking ball on a chain.


World-renowned physicist Dr. Eliot Franklin was a pioneer in gamma-bomb research and technology but was swindled out of his patents by his employers. Turning to crime, he was locked away in Ryker’s Island prison and joined the Wrecker’s Wrecking Crew in order to pursue revenge. As the smartest member of the Crew, Dr. Franklin has challenged the Wrecker for leadership in the past and often questions the Wrecker’s methods.


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