A punk supervillain


Veronica Sherman is a young woman with spiky green hair, piercings in a lot of her facial features, and a lean, hungry look. She normally dresses in ratty T-shirts, mesh coverups, olive drab baggy pants, and combat boots.

As Shout, Veronica’s powers allow her to emit deafening sonic bursts and distort people’s sense of balance, leaving them nauseous and dizzy. Working together with her brother, Twist, this effect is greatly intensified, allowing them to shatter objects and cripple crowds.


Veronica Sherman and her brother Ronald are from Chicago’s Lower East Side, lower middle class kids who got into drugs and punk music out of boredom and a sense of dissatisfaction. They were both exposed to a new designer drug that killed most of the other people that took it, but which granted them super powers.

Now working as the criminal duo Twist and Shout, Ronald and Ronnie knocked over a couple of gas stations before working their way up to a bank heist. During their first bank robbery, they were caught by the Midwest Avengers. They are currently being held in Skraggmore Penitentiary awaiting trial.


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