A member of the Serpent Society


Rattler is a tall, powerfully built man with a serpent-like face, long rattle-tipped tail, and scales covering most of his body. The scales are a highly advanced and flexible ceramic, and the rest of his appearance is the result of extensive bionic modification. His bionic tail is capable of surprisingly delicate manipulation, but it is also extremely strong. Rattler often uses it to bludgeon foes or constrict them. He can also charge up the tail by rattling it in order to generate a powerful but wildly inaccurate bolt of electricity.


Very little is known about Rattler before his appearance as a supervillain. His accent and attitude suggest he is German, but even that is uncertain. Rattler underwent major bionic enhancement at some point, granting him a lengthy tail grafted to his central nervous system as well as muscular and skeletal enhancements. He has been a member of the Serpent Society for several years, but is not particularly close to any of his teammates.


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