A member of the Wrecking Crew


Brian Calusky is a tall, broad man with sandy blonde hair and a goofy farmboy look about him. He’s usually smiling and pleasant out of costume, which doesn’t stop him from being horrifically violent when the mood takes him. Overall, his demeanor is that of an overgrown teenaged redneck who thinks he can get away with anything. In costume as Piledriver, Brian’s outfit is a white top with a red face mask and red pants, offset by his navy-blue belt and boots. Piledriver’s hood leaves his hair and most of his lower face exposed.


Bored farmboy Brian Calusky was sent to jail for criminal activity, which is where he met the Wrecker. Joining the Wrecking Crew and gaining amazing strength and endurance, Calusky’s
hands also increased in size. He likes being part of a team and hates acting independently, realizing that he’s not really bright enough to be a solo act.


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