Pack Rat

A scavenger of super-technology


A man of average height with brown hair and unremarkable features, Pack Rat normally wears a green utility jumpsuit that looks like something a janitor would wear. This unlikely costume is normally topped with whatever pieces of random technology or alien junk that he’s managed to get his hands on lately. Pack Rat doesn’t bother wearing a mask or anything to hide his identity—his mistakes are public enough that he doesn’t see the point.

Pack Rat has no powers to speak of other than a basic intuitive grasp of how to make half-finished technology start working again, albeit poorly. His powers vary wildly between his appearances. He might have a Kree rifle and a scavenged force field projector once, while on another occasion he could have a Shi’ar energy pike, Nova Corps flight ring, and breastplate from a decommissioned Stark armor. It all depends on what he got working and what stopped working since the last time he came out of hiding.


Eugene Jergens was a typical kid, into action figures, comic books, and baseball cards. As he grew up and his hobbies took up more and more space, he became an avid collector. After his marriage, he eventually became addicted to internet gambling and other similar vices. He finally had to sell off part of his precious collection to get out of debt, only to fall back into the habit. Eugene’s addiction finally destroyed his marriage, and he wound up leaving town to look for work in Chicago.

The only job that Eugene could find was as a janitor at the Chicago Field Museum, where he started to put his life back together. He even began sending money back to his ex-wife in order to pay off his alimony. Things were looking up until some of Eugene’s creditors caught up to him and demanded his help ripping off the museum to cover his debts. He had no choice but to comply, but things went terribly wrong. Eugene’s theft turned into the accidental injury of several police officers when he accidentally activated an alien artifact the museum was cataloging.

When the media dubbed Eugene “the Pack Rat Thief,” he perversely embraced the name. Now, Eugene lives hand-to-mouth as a second-rate outfitter for lesser criminals while collecting interesting pieces of alien tech and human super-tech. He uses what he can, sells what might gain him a price, and occasionally works with other criminals to shore up his own deficiencies.

Pack Rat

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