Luke Cage

A hero on the run, wanted for murder


An African-American man standing well over six feet tall, Luke Cage was impressive-looking even before he got his super powers. Now, he is powerfully muscled and radiates a virtual aura of invincibility, leading to his old superhero name—Power Man. Luke’s preferred hairstyle is an afro, though lately he’s been shaving his head to avoid unwanted attention. He’s also traded his old disco-inspired costume for street clothes.

Luke has super-strength great enough to make throwing cars a trivial exercise and near-invulnerability thanks to his unbreakable skin. Still, he lacks any powers beyond his great strength and toughness, so he often chooses to work with heroes that complement his abilities.


A Chicago native, Luke Cage volunteered for a secret experiment that granted him super-strength and unbreakable skin. Unlike many people with his impoverished background, Luke chose to become a hero under the name of Power Man. Working with fellow hero Iron Fist, Luke spent several years operating out of New York with the “Heroes for Hire.”

When Iron Fist was killed in action, Luke was accused of the murder. Given his checkered past and his distrust of authority, he went on the run rather than go to prison. Luke is still on the run, wanted by the authorities for murder. Few of his former allies believe the charges, but many of them think that he should turn himself in and work with the system instead of against it.

Luke Cage

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