King Cobra

Second in command of the Serpent Society


King Cobra gained superhuman powers due to the mutagenic effects of the venom of a radioactive cobra plus an experimental antidote. Cobra is double jointed, and can dislocate and snap back into place his shoulders and hips at will, and has a phenomenal mastery of his musculature. Most notably his amazing contortionist powers and slithery body let him break in, and escape from, buildings. He also has the ability to stick to walls or ceilings. Combined with his super-strength, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and endurance they make him a formidable wrestler. King Cobra enhances his natural abilities with wrist-mounted dart launchers and several useful gadgets built into his costume.

King Cobra’s green-and-purple costume highlights the animal he names himself for, but beneath it he is a relatively normal-looking man with lank brown hair and watery blue eyes.


Klaus Voorhees was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Klaus was an ex-convict and the Dutch laboratory assistant to Professor Schecktor, a scientist working in India and looking for a cure to snake bites. Unsatisfied with his lower condition, and intent on stealing Schecktor’s discoveries, Voorhees killed the professor by using a cobra and in order to make himself look less guilty, let the cobra bite him as well. He used an experimental anti-toxin for snake venom to cure himself, but denied it to Schecktor. The cobra was radioactive due to experimentation, and in a process similar to that which granted Spider-Man his powers, Voorhees gained superhuman abilities similar to a cobra’s.

After a number of independent crimes using his newfound powers, Cobra became a founding member of the Serpent Society. He even lead the group for a time before Viper took over, and he remains her second in command. He still dreams of usurping the newcomer, but he realizes that his super powers still don’t make him strong enough to challenge her.

King Cobra

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