Kang the Conqueror

A time-traveling tyrant from the future who intends to rule the present


Kang looks very much like a blue-skinned human in green and purple armor, but it is unknown if his skin is actually blue or if the coloration is a side-effect of the powerful armor he wears. Kang’s armor sometimes includes a billowing purple cloak, but almost always has gauntlets and metal boots as well as a utility belt with many technological devices hidden within it.


Very little is known for certain about the tyrannical Kang the Conqueror, save that he has been one of the deadliest foes of both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. He claims to come from the 30th Century, but he has been encountered in the present, in the recent past, and as long ago as ancient Egypt. None of these encounters seem to be chronological, and the power level and capabilities of Kang vary wildly each time he appears.

Kang’s usual array of abilities include powered armor very similar to that of Iron Man or Doctor Doom, including flight, a force field projector, and devastating energy bolts. He often augments this armor with additional technology, including incredibly powerful future-tech weapons, robot minions, teleportation devices, and other, stranger devices. He sometimes commands vast armies and marches openly against his foes, and other times works alone and in secret. Were it not for his megalomania and arrogance, Kang might well have conquered the world several times over.

Kang the Conqueror

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