The Judge

A hateful ghost using his powers to condemn those on the path to redemption


An elderly-looking man dressed in the robes of a judge from a century past, the Judge has the ability to impose “order in the court” through his powerful mental abilities. The Judge has a Victorian morality in which criminals are both ungodly and evil by nature, deserving of no human consideration. The verdict in his court is always guilty.

In his true form, the Judge is actually a reddish cloud of bloody mist and ragged bones, a ghost from a century past given vast power.


The Judge is the ghost of Herman Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. While Mudgett was executed in Philadelphia, his worst crimes were committed in Chicago, and that’s where his spirit has returned to commit its new crimes. This time, Mudgett has taken on the persona of a Victorian-era judge, condemning criminals who are attempting to redeem themselves and escape the fires of Hell to which Mudgett himself was condemned.

The Judge

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