"Gentleman" Jack Morelli

A powerful Mafia boss under siege


Jack Morelli, nicknamed “Gentleman Jack” for his handsome features and good manners, is a high-ranking don (or boss) in the Maggia criminal empire. Known to outsiders as the Mafia, the Maggia are divided into four main families that rule the underworld in dozens of countries. While he has no powers, Morelli has a sharp mind, a strong will, and the backing of a wealthy, extensive criminal empire.


John Morelli knew from a young age that his family was involved in crime, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from college with a degree in business administration that he found out how deep the association went. His father, Anton Morelli, was a don of the Maggia in service to the Nefaria family, responsible for controlling the criminal underworld of Chicago. Out of loyalty to his father more than anything else, John joined the “family business” and discovered, to his surprise, that he was quite good at being a criminal.

Within a few years, John had gotten the nickname “Gentleman Jack” for his soft manners and quiet demeanor, but he had also gained the reputation of being a reliable, forward-thinking soldier with a good head for strategy. His business degree let him create new revenue streams and find new loopholes to hide them, and his total loyalty to his family let him rise quickly through the ranks. By the time his father died, Jack was the one who was clearly next in line.

Jack’s first meeting with his ostensible superior, Count Nefaria, left him with a bad taste in his mouth. He realized why his father had prevented them from meeting for so long—Nefaria was a madman. The crazed Count’s obsessions were bad for business, and it came as a complete relief when the man was defeated and captured by the Avengers. For several years, Jack ran Chicago as his own personal kingdom, occasionally reporting to Nefaria’s lieutenant, Madame Masque, as a courtesy.

Last year things changed when the Maggia’s local holdings came under attack by the super-criminals known as the Zodiac Cartel. The Zodiacs are systematically taking apart the Maggia’s empire, destroying decades of Morelli’s hard work. Jack has vowed to not go down without a fight, and Chicago is about to become a bloody war zone between the Cartel and the Maggia.

"Gentleman" Jack Morelli

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