A scientist turned into a monster through gamma radiation


The Hulk is a massive green giant, standing well over nine feet tall and weighing most of a ton. His rippling emerald muscles suggest a power that can crush cars and level buildings, while his face is almost constantly distorted in a grimace of pure rage. The Hulk’s shaggy black hair is matted and filthy, as are his only clothes—a badly ripped pair of stretch pants.

As Bruce Banner, the Hulk is an unassuming brown-haired man with haunted eyes. He is gaunt and pale, as though he neither eats nor sleeps well, and his soft voice is a striking contrast to the Hulk’s booming one. His clothes are shabby and ill-fitting, since he rarely has the money to buy anything nice.


Bruce Banner was a physicist working on the implications of gamma radiation when he was accidentally exposed to one of his own experiments. The blast should have killed him but instead it turned him into an emerald-skinned monster, a creature that the army termed “the Hulk.” This beast went on a rampage, destroying Banner’s work and injuring dozens before it vanished into the desert.

Since then, the Hulk has reverted to Banner several times. Dr. Banner now understands the truth—the Hulk emerges when his own temper rises, and the Hulk is empowered by rage. The madder the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Banner has spent years trying to master the Hulk and avoid trouble, but the army continues to hunt him down. Every time they catch up to him, he has little choice but to become the monster they claim he is, just to avoid being recaptured.

While the public as a whole fears the Hulk in the same way they fear earthquakes and hurricanes, he has served on the Avengers and shown himself to have a heroic heart in spite of his monstrous temper. Still, given the frequency with which the Hulk’s rampages involve injury and property damage, some heroes still regard him as a dangerous menace.


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