A beast of a man


If his massive mane of red hair and bad attitude doesn’t give you an idea of where Theodore Winchester got his nickname, his size will. Truly a giant, standing almost ten feet tall, there are few villains or heroes with the sheer mass of Grizzly.


Theodore Winchester was one of the members of Cable’s mercenary group originally named the Wild Pack. Grizzly participated in the Wild Pack’s raid on a HYDRA base a number of years ago where the Wild Pack became affiliated with SHIELD. Grizzly also participated in the Wild Pack’s missions in the Middle East. Because of conflicts with Silver Sable’s group of the same name, they later changed their name to the Six Pack instead.

Grizzly possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of genetic mutation including a massive, red-furred body that gives him superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, resistance to physical injury, heightened senses, and razor edged claws


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