The luckiest woman on Earth


Domino is a pale white woman with dark hair and a black circle surrounding one eye. It is unknown if this black spot is natural or a tattoo, but it seems to be permanent. Domino normally dresses in a simple skin-tight black leather catsuit, sometimes augmented with a utility belt or ammo pouches. Because her powers are relatively passive, Domino relies on a traditional arsenal of guns and bombs to fight.


The woman who would become known as Domino was actually the result of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop the perfect weapon. Domino was the only test subject to survive, but her “luck” power was deemed a failure to meet the project’s goals. Domino’s biological mother broke her out of the project and left her with Father Rudolpho Boschelli, in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. Domino eventually escaped from the Church and became a mercenary.

Later, while working for the NSA, Domino was assigned to guard the genius Dr. Milo Thurman, whose analytical ability made him too dangerous for the government to let him roam free. Over time, Domino and Thurman fell in love and were married. Thurman had a thing for Dante’s “Inferno” and called Dom “Beatrice”. The two separated after a raid on the facility by AIM members; Domino believes her husband died in the raid.

Domino later became a member of the mercenary group the Wild Pack, later known as the Six Pack. Six Pack was led by the mutant mercenary Cable and Domino became intimate with him. Domino and Cable’s relationship is a rocky one, though, especially given his recent departure from the Six Pack for reasons he has not yet disclosed.

Domino is a mutant with the ability to subliminally initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable (but not impossible) things occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have “good luck” and her opponents to have “bad luck.” This phenomenon can be anything from an enemy’s equipment failure to hitting just the right switch with a stray shot to shut down an overloading nuclear reactor. The full extent of her powers is still unknown.

This unconsciously controlled talent is triggered when she is in a stressful situation (such as fighting or escaping). This effect constantly emanates from her at all times and is completely subconscious. However, it is also largely participatory—in order for the luck to take effect, Domino herself must engage in an action whose chance she can affect. She cannot consciously control her ability. Domino can only activate it by putting herself in a position in which she could be harmed.


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