Death Adder

A member of the Serpent Society


As a result of the biogenetic treatment and surgical changes made to his body, Death Adder has a number of super-human powers. He is amphibious, able to breathe underwater, and he possesses a tail and claws. Death Adder’s tail is decorated with sharpened prongs, each of which is coated in a fast-acting neurotoxin. Unlike some other poison-using members of the Serpent Society, Death Adder prefers to kill rather than paralyze.

Death Adder almost never removes his costume, as he cannot speak without the voice synthesizer built into his faceplate. Beneath the costume, his body is a mass of surgical scars, scales, and poorly-adapted physical augmentations.


Roland Burroughs underwent surgery thanks to the Roxxon Oil company, giving him gills, claws, and a bionic tail, as well as certain other physiological changes. As a result of a mistake during the surgery to give him gills, Burroughs was rendered mute. Roland’s costume includes a voice synthesizer that allows him to speak, but his voice is clearly hollow and robotic.

Death Adder

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