The world's most popular musical sensation


A tall, beautiful woman with long blonde hair, Alison Blaire looks like she could be a fashion model—and she has been, among other things. As Dazzler, Alison is best known for her silver spandex outfits, garish butterfly makeup, enormous earrings, and wearing roller skates on stage. She is also well known for the amazing light shows put on at her concerts, some of the best in the industry.

Recently, Alison has been moving away from the disco look toward a more modern appearance. Her new look has a blue lycra bodysuit, a ripped leather jacket, and shorter hair, as well as discarding her butterfly makeup entirely. This change has divided her fans, but it hasn’t reduced her popularity—yet.


While most of her fans associate her with her stage persona, Dazzler, Alison is also an intelligent young woman who left law school to pursue her love of music against her family’s wishes. In her years touring as Dazzler, Alison has sold millions of records, performed in front of tens of thousands of fans, and even been in a movie. (It flopped, but that didn’t diminish her popularity.)

It’s a well-kept secret that Alison Blaire is actually a mutant. Her light shows at her concerts are produced by her power, the ability to convert sound waves into light. While much of the superhero community is aware of the truth, they have chosen to keep Alison’s secret in order to preserve her career.


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