A former SHIELD agent turned super-villain


A tall, broad-shouldered man in a black bodysuit with a yellow-brown stripe down the front, Constrictor’s most notable features are the long metallic coils that come out of his forearms. While he can retract them most of the way into his body, he must wear clothes with heavy loose sleeves to completely conceal these bionic weapons. Constrictor can channel electrical shocks or vibrations through his coils, which he often uses to squeeze foes into unconsciousness or death.


Once a SHIELD agent assigned to infiltrate the criminal organization known as the Corporation, Frank Payne switched sides and become an underworld killer for hire. He uses a pair of coils, originally made of adamantium and now composed of vibranium, to squeeze or electrify his foes.

He constantly regrets his choices and seeks rehabilitation, but the dark side always lures him back. He’s taken on the Hulk, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, among many others. His most recent attempt to “go straight” involves taking a paycheck from the morally dubious mercenary group called the Six Pack.


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