A Greek demigod, son of Ares


Broad-chested and powerfully built, Cadmus looks every inch the classical Greek hero—including the heavy beard, oiled hair, and bare chest. His usual outfit is a red kilt or shorts, knee-high red boots, and a pair of bandoleers crossing his chest. When he feels it necessary, he pulls an old Greek helmet out of storage.


Cadmus is an Olympian demigod, the son of Ares and the slayer of the Dragon of Thebes. After leaving the mortal world, he spent centuries on Olympus before the mortal world once again began to interest him. Upon hearing from his cousin Hercules that the Avengers were recruiting, he decided to present himself to this band of mortal heroes and prove the might of Olympus.

While not as bloodthirsty or crazed as his father, Cadmus definitely has anger issues. He prefers to fight rather than talk, and he sees few reasons to leave his foes alive rather than kill them. He know that his teammates don’t care for that sort of thing, and he’s trying to play along to not upset them, but he doesn’t really understand why they shy from bloodshed.


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