Member of the Wrecking Crew


Henry Camp is a tall, muscular man who still keeps his dark hair cut to military length even though he’s been out of the army for years. His face is most often turned into a frown or scowl and he rarely smiles. As Bulldozer, Henry’s costume is a burnt orange body suit topped with metal bands and studded with round steel knobs designed to absorb impact. Bulldozer wears a full metal helmet that is connected to these body bands in order to properly distribute force when he performs his favorite combat maneuver—a full-speed head-first charge.


Former Master Sergeant Henry Camp was dishonorably discharged and ended up in Ryker’s Island prison, where he joined the Wrecker’s Wrecking Crew. He much prefers acting with the Wrecker than acting alone, being more of a follower than a leader. That being said, he considers himself the Wrecker’s second-in-command and is more than willing to lead the Crew into battle without the Wrecker if he’s ordered to do so.


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