A member of the Serpent Society


Anaconda is a large, physically imposing woman with wild blonde hair and cold blue eyes. She has the superhuman ability to elongate her limbs and constrict her opponents. Once she has entwined her limbs around a human-sized foe, there are very few human beings able to break free of her grip. She has also been surgically given gills, which allow her to breathe underwater, and modified lungs for extracting oxygen from water. She has tiny scales on her face, neck, chest, and back, and small fins on her lower cheeks.

Due to all the bio-engineering performed on her, Anaconda has incredible recuperative abilities and she is able to heal non-fatal wounds several times faster than a normal human being. Her strength is enhanced beyond normal human levels and she is an excellent swimmer. Her entire skeletal structure is laced with an adamantium alloy-based substance, increasing her durability. Anaconda is also a top-tier physical combatant, not relying only on her enhanced strength and durability to carry fights.

Anaconda is a primary member of the super-villain group called the Serpent Society, though she has also occasionally traveled with the mercenary group called the Six Pack.


Blanche “Blondie” Sitznski was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She worked as a steelworker until executives at the Roxxon Oil Company selected her to become a special agent in covert operations. She was already well adjusted to villainy, as she was the calisthenics instructor at Taskmaster’s Academy. It was there that she trained several female villains in hand-to-hand combat.

She was eventually taken to Roxxon’s Mutagenic Laboratory and bioengineered by Roxxon’s Mutagenics Division to have various permanent serpentine features. Her entire skeletal structure was laced with an artificial adamantium substitute, giving her the ability to elongate her arms and legs, which she uses to constrict her enemies. She has also been surgically given gills, which allows her to breathe underwater.


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