Avengers Midwest

Trade Paperback #1

...And There Came a Day!

The adventures of the first team of Midwest Avengers…

Volume 1, Issue 1
The Avengers hand a humiliating defeat to Aries of the Zodiac Cartel as he attempts to hold Daley Center hostage for ransom.

Volume 1, Issue 2
The Avengers thwart a bank robbery by the supervillains named Twist and Shout, whose powers allow them to distort distance and space.

Volume 1, Issue 3
The obligatory anti-drug issue. An old friend of Lia’s shows up to ask for help, which leads the Avengers into a trap set by the Zodiac Cartel.

Volume 1, Issue 4
One-Eyed Jack uses his powers to win tickets to a Dazzler concert, where they save Alison Blaire from a stalker.

Volume 1, Issue 5
The Avengers are asked to find a renegade superhero named Luke Cage, who is wanted for murder. He convinces them he didn’t do it, and together they fight Pisces and some Zodiac thugs.

Volume 1, Issue 6
The Avengers are called to Iowa, where the Hulkbusters are getting their butts kicked. They fight the Hulk, only to subdue him with the aid of Mentor’s amazing mutant powers, but Bruce Banner manages to convince them to let him go.

Volume 1, Issue 7
Storms gather over Lake Michigan, and the Avengers must work to stop the Cult of Uggthultu from awakening their dark master.

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